Meeting rooms are open and available for booking, starting July 6, 2021.


Meeting rooms are available for use, free of charge, during open library hours and you can book the room online. A library card number and PIN are required to book a room.

All groups using Spokane Public Library meeting rooms must read and follow the Meeting Room Policy. No products, services, or memberships may be advertised, solicited, or sold. The library does not provide computers for meeting room use. You may book a room 48 hours to two months in advance. No group may have more than 3 events on the calendar at any one time. We reserve the right to cancel your meeting (with notice) if our Meeting Room Policy is not followed.

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Contact information for meeting room inquiries

If you have additional questions about meeting rooms, call us at 509-444-5300. You can also send us an email with your questions.